Stage 2 Athletic Plan Approved and Submitted to State Board

Students, Parents, Staff and community members. Dietrich School District Superintendent and Board of Trustees have agreed to follow the stage 2 Revised plan that came from the Governors office. I have included the link and you can also find it under the athletics tab. Please make yourself aware fo the protocals as we will be following all of them so that our students can continue to participate in athletics. Many schools that we go to will be following these same guidelines.

Some main points there will be specific doors you will need to come in. Home will be the Gym doors closest to the ag shop.

Mask must be worn in the building until you are seated. You can take off if you have 12 ft from the next household.

You must sit 12 ft from the next household

If you get up from your seat during the game you will need to put your mask back on going to bathroom etc.

Students who are not playing must have a mask on JV team may stay in gym when varsity is playing but must sit in bleachers behind the bench with masks on.

Each athlete will not to provide 2 individuals to the Athletic Director prior to each home game as to what 2 individuals will be coming to watch them compete.

We have only 2 spectators per athlete this does include 6JV cheerleaders and 6 Varsity cheerleaders parents as well as the basketball athletes.