NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that bids will be received by the Board of Trustees of Dietrich School District #314, Dietrich, Idaho, for the purchase of a 2002 International 72 Passenger School Bus.

Bid documents and detailed specifications are available from Ryan Dilworth at 406 North Park Street, Dietrich, Idaho 83324, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or on the Dietrich School District website, www.dietrichschools.org.

Bids must be submitted on or before 3:30 PM on November 16, 2018, to the main office of the Dietrich School District, c/o Jalyn Shaw at the address above.  Bids received after the stated time and date will not be considered.  The bids will be reviewed November 20, 2018, at 7:30 p.m. in the Dietrich School Board Room.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to accept or reject or to select any portion thereof for any or all bids and to waive any technicality.  No bidder may withdraw his bid after the review of such bids unless the awarding of the bid is delayed for a period exceeding sixty (60) days. Bids must meet the minimum bid amount of $750.00


Published:    Times News     November  5 & 12, 2018

Dalonna Hurd

Dalonna Hurd, Business Manager


Parents – WE NEED YOUR INPUT!  Below is a survey regarding the school. It takes about 5 minutes to complete. We as administrators would really like to hear what you think about the school and how you feel we are doing in meeting the needs of your kids. We appreciate your time and feedback. Please click the link below to complete the survey. Once you click the link you will have the option to complete the survey in English or Spanish.  We are going through an accreditation review and your feed back is important to the process!


School Closure

Dietrich Schools will be closed due to safety Health Concerns with the finishing of the new elementary gym for the remainder of the week. We will be back in session on Monday October 1.Students will attend school all week including Thursday and Friday that was scheduled for teachers inservice. Athletic events will continue as scheduled with the exception of Thursdays Volleyball game which has been moved to shoshone schools. Practice schedules will be shared with athletes from their coaches. No practices will be inside the gym until next week alternate arrangements have been made. If you have questions or concerns please Contact Superintendent Stefanie Shaw at 208-539-9381. Nobody is going to be allowed in the building until Monday morning so please do not come up to the school and use the gym.

Updated Cell Phone-Electronic Device Policy!!

Cell Phone / Electronic Devices


Cell phone use during the school day has become a serious classroom distraction.  To keep the focus on learning, and distractions to a minimum, cell phones must be off and put away from 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., except during lunch. Cell phones may not be used during passing periods.


We understand that families enjoy the convenience of communicating important family news by cell phones.  However, because conversations infringe on the teacher and other students in the class, we ask families to leave emergency messages with our secretary, at 208-544-2158.


During school and school sponsored activities, students will comply with this policy and with administrative and staff member directives regarding use. Students are required to turn cell phones and other portable electronic devices over to school personnel when requested. Students who refuse to do so are subject to disciplinary action.The district assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property of students, including cell phones and other portable electronic devices, whether in the possession of students or if confiscated by school personnel pursuant to this policy.

Possession of a cellular telephone or other ECD (Electronic Communication Device), by a student is a privilege, which may be forfeited by any student who fails to abide by the terms of this policy, or otherwise engages in misuse of the device so as to violate the law or any other school or District rule. The following violations may result in disciplinary action:

  • Accessing and/or viewing an internet site that is otherwise blocked to students at school.
  • Sending an email, text message or other communication that harasses, intimidates, threatens, bullies, or discriminates against another individual.
  • Using a camera device at school or a school-sponsored event to take, send, download or upload a harassing, threatening, or embarrassing photograph of anyone.
  • Using a camera in a restroom, dressing room, or locker room.
  • Using a camera or other recording device to record or capture the content of tests, assessments, homework, or classwork without express prior permission from the instructor.
  • Using an ECD in a manner that could cause damage to an individual or the school community or create the danger of disruption of the academic environment.

The contents of a cellular phone, camera, or other ECD may be searched to determine ownership, to identify emergency contacts, or upon reasonable suspicion that a school or District rule or the law has been violated.

A cellular telephone or ECD that has been confiscated and not turned over to law enforcement will be released/returned to the parent/guardian when no longer necessary for investigation or disciplinary proceedings. As appropriate, the cellular telephone or ECD may be returned directly to the student.

Cell phones that have been confiscated, due to violation of this policy may be picked up after school by the student for the first offense. If any subsequent offenses occur, the cell phone must be picked up after school by a parent/guardian only.