Updated Stage 2 Plan effective 1/21/2021

Students,’ Parents, athletes, and community members. The stage 2 plan has changed once again. Dietrich schools will be following the new protocols.

  • What this means is that we can have our gyms at 40% capacity or 4 spectators per athlete.
  • Main gym we can now have 800 people in the gym total small gym 88.
  • For JH tournaments this weekend the small gym will be using the 4 per athlete so more can attend. It will only be for those teams that are playing.
  • The main gym we will keep a tally and will not exceed 800.
  • You still need to wear a mask into all gyms and if you can be 6ft from next household member you can take the mask of while you are seated. In-between games we will have to clear the of all spectators and sanitize and then bring spectators back in. Players may stay in facility while we sanitize the gym.
  • Please look at the following Protocols and follow them at all gyms. Schools may choose to not use these protocols so we will continue to update you on away games as to what there protocols are.
  • http://dietrichschools.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/121Athletics-Plan-for-Governors-Orders-on-Gatherings-and-Spectators_1.21.2021.pdf