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To provide leadership in developing and maintenance of the District’s food services program.  Ensure that students are served attractive and nutritious meals in an atmosphere of efficiency, cleanliness, and warmth in harmony with state and federal guidelines and to maintain Student Body Accounts and Funds.


  1. Associates Degree or a high school Diploma with a minimum of 3 years experience in food service
  2. Food Manager Certificate to be obtained after hiring
  3. Minimum experience in menu planning, food purchasing, and cafeteria food service as determined by the Board
  4. Previous supervisory experience preferred
  5. Demonstrated knowledge of principles of nutrition, food preparation, health and safety federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy governing school food services programs
  6. Ability to effectively market the food services program to students, staff, and community, and manage the financial aspects of the program
  7. Ability to plan own work schedule and to direct and supervise others
  8. Ability to perform simple bookkeeping and inventory procedures
  9. Ability to effectively present information in one-on-one and small group situations to customers, clients, and other employees
  10. Strong background in budget management
  11. Knowledgeable in Quick Books, word processing, data bases, spread sheets, and reports


Supervision of Food Preparation and Personnel

  1. Assume responsibility for the operation of the District’s food services program in accordance with Board policies and local, state, and federal requirements
  2. Plan and supervise the preparation and serving of menus at all schools and special meals required for district-sponsored events
  3. Supervise and instruct kitchen personnel in the safe, proper, and efficient use of all kitchen equipment
  4. Conduct frequent inspections of all school kitchens and cafeterias to ensure that high standards of nutrition, cleanliness, health, and safety are maintained; and make recommendations for improvement
  5. Develop and implement standards for food storage and meal preparation and service, including health and safety practices, standardized recipes and menus, portion control system, and prices charged for meals and other food items
  6. Determine personnel needs  
  7. Interview and recommend the appointment of all food service employees 
  8. Supervise, observe, and evaluate the performance of all food service personnel
  9. Establish standards for the professional development of food service personnel 
  10. Arrange for relevant in-service training, including nutrition, food storage and preparation, sanitation and safety, and equipment use and care
  11. Determine if the student population requires the development of a school breakfast program and prepare a plan for submission to the State Department of Agriculture

Administration and Budget

Prepare and administer the department’s budget, and establish financial goals and objectives for the food service program

  1. Maintain cafeteria accounting procedures in accordance with federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy
  2. Coordinate the audit of cafeteria accounts with the Board’s auditor
  3. Oversee the purchasing and maintenance of an inventory of all foods, supplies, and equipment
  4. Be responsible for the transport and distribution of government commodities
  5. Check all bills and purchase orders for accuracy before presenting them to the Business Manager for payment
  6. Conduct the required annual survey to determine eligibility for free and reduced price meals and free milk
  7. Verify applications and keep an accurate record of all free and reduced lunches
  8. Process all applications, records, and reports required under federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy or assigned by the superintendent
  9. Evaluate the food services program

Records & Finances

  1. Maintain Student Body Financial Accounts including creating purchase orders, paying invoices and athletic officials and overseeing student account budgets
  2. Supervise all ticket sales and fundraising events of the extracurricular program
  3. Prepare all cash boxes needed for event gates and concessions
  4. Administer and coordinate membership requirements and financial activities of all school-sponsored clubs


APPLICATION DEADLINE:    Open until Filled.   A district application may be obtained online or from the office of Dietrich Schools.  Please submit application to: Dalonna Hurd at the address below or by email to dalonnah@dietrichschools.org


Send Applications to:

Dalonna Hurd, 406 N Park Street, Dietrich, ID 83324 or email to: dalonnah@dietrichschools.org


Vacancy Substitute Bus Driver

Substitute Bus Driver Application

Job Objective:  To operate buses for scheduled routes at the pickup and delivery of students to and from school, mornings and afternoons and extra-curricular and other school activity trips.


    • Drive buses on regularly rescheduled routes and on field trips in the absence of the regular bus driver.
    • Maintain safety control over passengers.
    • Participate in bus driver training courses established by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
    • Participate in drug and alcohol testing as required by law and District policy.
  • Perform related additional duties as may be required or assigned.


    • Must be qualified school bus driver.
    • Possess exemplary driving record.
    • Possess high tolerance for noise disruption.
    • Possess skills in operating school buses.
  • By physically able and willing to handle effectively all duties of the position.


Vacancy Substitute Teacher

Substitute Application

Job Objective:  To be responsible for enabling each child to pursue his/her education as smoothly and completely as possible in the absence of the certified teacher.


  • Follows all policies, rules and procedures to which regular teachers are subject and which good teaching practices dictates.
  • Remains in assigned classroom until all students have been dismissed for the day.
  • Assumes responsibility for overseeing pupil behavior in class and surrounding areas.
  • Reviews all plans, duties and schedules to be followed during the teaching day, teaches the outlined lesson, maintains as fully as possible the established routines and procedures of the school and classroom to which he/she is assigned.
  • Checks out with the authorized personnel prior to leaving at the end of the day.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • A substitute teacher shall be a person qualified to instruct in our schools in the absence of the regular teacher.